MRV Summer Camps Staff Values Statement

  • Code of Ethics has been developed to be consistent with the values that drive these principles. All staff members are responsible for conducting themselves in observance with this code.

  • Our campers, parents, and alumni are the reason we are in business. I treat everyone with dignity, worth, respect, concern, courtesy, and fairness. I celebrate diversity and recognize difference as a source of creativity. I will be aware of the fact that everything I do, directly or indirectly, has the potential to reflect upon the MRV Summer Camps as a whole. I will respect and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. I strive for superior quality in our programs and services as perceived by our members.

  • I believe in creating professional environment based on mutual respect, personal integrity,open communication and collaboration.

  • I commit to honesty and ethical behavior with each other and with those we serve.

  • I will act as a steward of the Camp.

MRV Summer Camps Staff Code of Conduct and Staff Vision

Our camps have served various purposes and demographics over the years but at the core of these programs have always been the goals of providing the best recreation opportunities available for children in a setting that emphasizes connection with community. We have always strived to capitalize on the opportunities presented by this setting to foster independence and growth in each camper.

We know that great staff is the cornerstone of MRV Summer Camps success. For many campers, nothing is more impactful to their camp experience than the relationships formed with staff. As such we aim to hire individuals that personify our values. Among these we count:

  • Responsibility

  • Patience

  • Appreciation of all manners of diversity

  • Enthusiasm

  • Positivity