Business Member - Employee Summer Camp Benefits

The most important resource any business has is in its human capital… YOUR EMPLOYEES.

We know that care-related absenteeism and turnover result in billions in lost productivity costs for American businesses each year. The investment in providing family care benefits also pays off for your employer brand, employee engagement and loyalty. A lot of companies will invest in these types of benefits in support of a goal of improving gender diversity. It's a longer-term goal, but it's not a stretch to say that a successful family-care benefits program will deliver positive returns.

MRV Summer Camps Business Membership will provide your employees with discounted summer camp tuition and flexible payment schedules. By providing solutions for your families, you will:


95% of employees say that access to child care helps them concentrate throughout the work day.

87% of employees say confirmed child care makes them more productive.

Without a clear and dependable child care resource, employees use time at work to search for a solution. When the child care question is solved, you free employees to focus on their work.


More than one-in-seven employees have actually turned down job offers so they can keep access to their employer with child care benefits. Access to employer benefits around child care is a proven sticky benefit that increases employee retention. Great employees are more likely to stay with the employer who’s helped them solve their most pressing work/life balance challenge. Employers that don’t offer child care can lose great employees to organizations that do.



  • Free MRV Annual Membership ( $49 value per camper)

  • Company Discount of 25% Off Summer Camp Tuition* ( $1,080+ savings per camper per summer)

  • Exclusive In Season Payment Plan (June 1 - August 30)

    • Balance for each week of camp is required the Friday before. (All payments must be received by 6:00 pm the Friday they are due. Payments by cash or check can be made on site with the Camp Director by 6:00 pm on Friday. Payment methods (credit cards and eChecks through ACH processing) saved on file will be automatically processed by MRV Summer Camps.)

    • Tuition deposit of $100 per camper due by May 31st 2019 to secure company discount rate

*Offer only applicable for Multi-Sport & Paintball Camp, Arts & Science Camp, and Teen Camp. Offer can be combined with multi-child discount only. All other discounts including Early Bird and Resident discounts cannot be combined with the MRV Business Membership employee discount.


  • Increase employee retention, recruitment, productivity and overall moral.

  • Company will be listed on the following MRV Summer Camp marketing assets:

    • Website

    • Email Marketing

    • Social Media

    • Parent Registration Portal

    • Onsite Summer Camp Family Events


  • Every Business Membership supports our Summer Camp Scholarship fund for local families in need.


  • Complete your business membership online application for pricing and additional information