We understand that sometimes everyone needs a hand. We recognize that families have different circumstances at home and that it might influence a family’s ability to pay for camp. We believe that every child deserves the chance to go to summer camp; we work very hard to supply assistance to families that demonstrate a need. Thanks to the help of our sponsor Main Street Agency in Riverhead we are giving $15,000 worth of scholarships this Summer. Please keep the following in mind as you complete our online scholarship application:

  • All information is confidential and kept secure.

  • Please fully complete every form. Call our office if you have a question about finishing any questions.

  • We must ask every family to contribute something to their child’s tuition.

  • The camp may choose to verify information.

  • Providing additional relevant information to support your need for assistance is welcome and encouraged.

  • Application reviews take place every Friday before and during the Summer Camp season.